22 Jan

Ideal location for your photoshoot.


Choose your ideal location for your engagement photoshoot.

Now that you and your best friend are finally engaged, it’s time to commemorate the ocasion with a memorable engagement photoshoot. If you and your partner  are attracted for the rising popularity of destination engagement photoshoots and need a hand to help you make up your mind to choose the PERFECT location we invite you to keep reading.

To help you find the best location, we’d like to share a few ways you can choose a location for your long-awaited engagement photos.

1. Think about what you want out of the shoot.

Is it to get some more casual photos as a couple? As your wedding photos are often more formal in nature this is an opportunity to get some more natural photos of the two of you.

2. Meet together a new special place.

Remember that you don’t have to do your entire session in one location. If the beautiful cafeteria (which belongs into your travel bucketlist) where you want to sip together a coffee to break the ice and start the photoshoot is near other locations where you’d want to be photographed then communicate that to your concierge or/and your photographer.

3.Highlight an iconic spot.

Do you want to highlight the iconic nature of the particular area? Maybe The Royal Palace in Madrid as a  romantic and elegant background; The Parc Güell in Barcelona or the Arena Opera House in Verona.

Do you want the location to be one that reminds of special times? It could be the location where you had your first date or where your fiancé proposed.

Do you just want to have some fun together whilst still getting your photos taken, and at the same time allowing your photographer to get to know you in a low stress environment. This could include a photo shoot  cycling  at Jardin des Tuileries in Paris or a boat ride at Retiro’s Lake in Madrid.

4.Have some creative style photos.

We  particularly love creative and unique style –photos at a brewery, or over a tandem bike. The season can always serve as a source of inspiration for some creative ideas – umbrellas for a rainy spring day walking througout Champs Elises in Paris, bathing suits at the lake during summer, or hats and scarves for a snowy day with El Duomo as a background in Milan.

5.Find a place that suits your interest and personalities.

You’re on the quest to make these engagement photos the perfect embodiment of you and the love of your life, so take this chance to show off your personalities. Think about how you like to spend your time? Are you both foodies?–hit up an instagrammable restaurant. Is there a common hobby the two of you love doing together? –choose a location based on that.

6.Think about how far you are willing to walk.

This equates to what footwear  you are wearing. High heels are not comfortable to cover any distance. If you are prepared to wear flats whilst walking and then change back into your high heel shoes, then this barrier can be overcome.

7.Consider the time of the day

Remember that in photography, light is everything. So if you plan to have a sunset session, be sure that the light will be flattering at that time of the day! Otherwise, you may want yo opt for a sunrise shoot.


While location is key, if you can’t think of any place significant, your Captourist photographer will be full of suggestions for some gorgeous backdrops, and you can always add props to personalize your photos, like a flower bouquet, balloons or even your dog!




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