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Best clothes to wear for a perfect photoshoot.
2 Jun

Ultimate Style Tips For Your Photoshoot


Best clothes to wear for a perfect photoshoot.

You already have the place and your professional photographer, just miss one thing, being prepared and choose the best clothes to wear for a perfect photoshoot. In a photo shoot we become in celebrities and when the reflectors show on, we are the main point of attention, for this reason our clothes play a very important role.

The proper selection of your best clothes to wear is the principal factor to feel comfortable and accent you on the pictures. Your clothes reflect personality and helps your photographer highlight details such as weather, light and mood.

Take your time chosen in advance and make sure that your outfit choices are comfortable and attractive.

Comfort and usual

Solid colors are absolute the best! Don’t distract the eye. Try to match colors/tones. Remember that jeans are always a good option, they are comfortable and you can find them in many colors.

Soft style

Chose neutral colors with soft, flowing fabrics, creams and soft colors, oatmeals is a good option, light browns, grays, and slate blues.

Simple and attractive

White and neutral ensemble are always an option elegant to accent you in your photo shoot, in particular if you have busy back drops such as crowded streets and historical monuments.  In fact, in the pictures the human eye always is guided by white spots.

Intrepid and funny style

Coordinating colors with bold accent colors, such as hues of gray, creams or black with bright orange, pink, blue yellow or red accents.  Textures, layers and play matchy help you to show an intrepid outfit.


Depending of the city, you can opt to wear a local dress such as the flamboyant flamenco dress if you are in Spain.

Shoes, a detail to consider

At the end of an outfit it is always important to think well on the shoes. We know that sneakers are comfortable but in a photo shoot is not recommendable. If you want to use sneakers to give some funky appearance wear them in solid colors and not too oldies.

The best are plain colours, but if you are intrepid a good option is wearing bright and colourful shoes or boots  to match with your outfit.

Prop it up

Bonus to your outfit is using props. Include some flowers, red balls, colorful balloons, cotton candy, lollypops, hats… there is lot of colorful and lovely things you can use, don’t be shy and use your imagination. Props help us to keep our hands busy, to make more gestures meanwhile we play with them, also they give us security as it works like a barrier between you and the photographer.

Whatever your style is, remember to add fun accessories like hats, scarves, sunglasses, headbands, bows, etc. That helps you to play with your hands and attracts  attention in the picture.

 Choose clothes according the weather:

In winter a scarf, sweater and coats with vivid colors makes the pictures looks like Christmas cards.

Spring and summer is a great time of the  year to finally get around to those family portraits, the perfect time to mix in patterns in a way to keep the look casual and relax. Clothing/fabric with texture (eyelet shirts, linen, denim, lace, etc.) are a really good option.

Autumn, feel free to select a vary of clothing and concentrate in selecting a great color palette such as: earthy colors as they look so good with the beautiful autumnal color around.



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