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Choose The Perfect Time For Your Photo Shoot
16 Jun

Time is important in every photoshoot.


Choose the perfect time for your photoshoot

When you book a photoshoot with Captourist you’re assured of the best possible experience even before you arrive to your destinations.

You’ll get a shoot you’ll love for a lifetime and photos that transport you to that special moment.

Let’s get ready for your holiday photoshoot! Choose the perfect time for your photoshoot. A brilliant photo session can and should be well prepared. In fact, the amount of fun, natural and stunning photographs you should expect is often directly related to the time you invest in to your preparations and how well you communicate to your photographer before the shoot, as well the selection of the perfect time of the day.

In Captourist your expectations should be sky-high. We love what we do, and really care about your experience.  That’s why we encourage you to consider the following essential tips for your photo shoot preparation and choose the perfect time the big day:

What’s the best time of the day to do my photo tour?

The simple answer is that the best time for you photo tour, is when you feel most energized. Factors such as jet lag and other factors can make a difference.

That said, our favorite time of the day are, after sunrise.


After sunrise photo sessions- golden hour –

The time when the sun slowly appears above the horizon in the morning, the best option is scheduling a one hour after sunrise.

It’s the only time of the day to get photos at your favorite backdrops without distracting people.

  • Flattering lighting conditions great opportunity for silhouettes.
  • More privacy.
  • Avoid harsh contrast created by shadows.
  • Skies have a variety of colors.
  • You can find a terrace and get a coffee during the photo tour.

Otherwise another perfect option for your photoshoot, is one hour before sunset, usually called by photographers, the blue hour.

Sunset photo sessions- blue hour-

It is the time when the sun slowly when the sun disappears or daylight fades.

  • It is a rush hour. If you want to be captured among a living city this is the perfect time of the day.
  • At this time of the day some monuments, locals and streets lighting are turning on. This giving you a romantic atmosphere on your photoshoot.

Consider this time for your last stop of your photo tour, because the lack of lighting.


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