26 Jul

A Modern Headshot For Personal Branding

First impressions count for a lot, and most of the time they happen on LinkedIn. Experts say you should use this career platform as a living resume. This means that your profile must always be complete, active and with a profile photo that shows your...

17 May

The Best Locations For Your Photoshoot In Florence.

Welcome to Florence! As the capital of the Tuscany region of Italy, Florence has something for everyone, from architecture seekers, serious shoppers and foodies. To exploring the city to its fullest, strolling streets and alleys is the best way. We'll show you the best locations for your...

10 May

The Best Locations For Your Photoshoot In Verona.

Welcome to Verona! Wandering its alleys full of Renaissance romance. Verona welcome you to discover its extraordinary architecture, the well-preserved amphitheater and Verona Arena is an example of them. Verona’s river Adige meandering through the city is always beckoning you to explore little further into churches, squares and...