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The Best Locations For Your Photoshoot In Verona.


Welcome to Verona!

Wandering its alleys full of Renaissance romance. Verona welcome you to discover its extraordinary architecture, the well-preserved amphitheater and Verona Arena is an example of them. Verona’s river Adige meandering through the city is always beckoning you to explore little further into churches, squares and romantic bridges. Find out the best locations for your photoshoot in Verona. Considering it is one of the must honeymoon destinations!

Maybe it’s the Italian love of all things beautiful and fashionable, but the shopping scene in Verona is superb!. The centro Storico (old town) is home to one main shopping street (Via Mazzini), which has everything from H&M to Valentino.

The best option to know better the most beautiful places of Verona is walking through its streets and alleys. In this way, you will discover local shops or even magical places, which will allow you to understand the culture and local people by the hand of our Captourers.

Check our favourite locations for your

photoshoot in Verona

The cathedral

Amazing architectural mix of Romanesque and Gothic example, whilst the exterior is beautiful, the interior is opulent and decorative. The undecorated facade will help you to make amazing composition in your photoshoot.  The cathedral is surrounded by narrow and gorgeous alleys  which will guide you to the Castle of Saint Peter which sits on a slightly elevated hill from Roman times, the castle is not longer open to the public but you can experience easily the most famous viewpoint in Verona. It is the perfect place for admiring the terracotta rooftops of the city. In this place when you walking up to the Castel Pietro you will have the chance to see a Roman Theatre ruins that transporting you  to its ancient confines becoming a beautiful location to your photoshoot.

  • Ponte Pietra (Bridge)
  • Cattedrale-Duomo
  • Castel San pietro
  • Roman Theater

Piazza Bra (Square)

Piazza Bra is consider the largest square in the country, amazing place to  have some good food and drinks. Your photoshoot could begins in Piazza Bra where the majestic Verona Arena served as a stage for ancient gladiatorial games. A magnificent amphitheatre very well conserved, transporting you to where battled of exotic animals took place. After a while, you strolling alleys around the Arena and your next stop will be the Arco dei Gavi. A Roman gate which can be used as a beautiful background. At  the end the Castle Vecchio situated on what was probably once a Roman fortress site just outside of the city walls, will be waiting for you.

  • Piazza Bra
  • Castle Vecchio
  • Ponte di Castle Vecchio
  • Arco dei Gavi
  • Verona Arena

Romeo and Julliet

Verona  is an enchanting city associated with William Shakespeare and a medieval atmosphere. It attracts thousands of tourists every year to its incredible passageways. One Shakespeare’s play taking place in this city -Romeo and Juliet-. These characters can join you to discover hidden secrets of the city by the hand of his author. Juliet’s balcony hidden a few meters away from Piazza  Erbe is the supposed building where a famous Shakespeare’ play took place.  On the Piazza Delle Erbe , the Torre dei Lamberti  shows up with its 84m high consider the tallest tower in Verona. This is the perfect place to find romantic spots and recreate Romeo and Juliet’s scenes keeping them forever.

  • Casa di Romeo
  • Casa di Giulietta
  • Piazza Erbe
  • Torres dei Lamberti
  • Scaliger Tombs

Giardino Giusti 

The Giardino Giusti (garden) is located in the east side of the city the Veronetta. It’s a crowded neighborhood because is full of bars, restaurants, and cafes along Via XX Settembre. This place it’s the night light center in the evenings. This neighborhood surrounded  by a beautiful old atmosphere with a thriving contemporary life makes it unique and authentic, in this place you will be available to mingle with local life. 

If you love European gardens and quiet places to take your photoshoot. The Giardino Giusti is the perfect place for it. This garden is considered one of the finest examples of an Italian garden, a perfect background for a romantic photoshoot.

  • Giardino Giusti

Visit Verona by the hand of our vacation photographers. Discover hidden places while they capture the best moments of your travel.  In Captourist, feel free to choose the best places for your photoshoot in Verona. Keep in mind that the number of places you visit will depend on the selected route and the time of the photoshoot  you choose.




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