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Tips And Tricks For A Perfect Family Photo Shoot.


The day of your family photo session is approaching and, does it make you nervous that they don’t turn out well? We have proven it, as time passes, photographs make every moment of our trip even more valuable. For this reason, we believe that preparing for the day of your session can help you look your best.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help…

Read and share with your family some simple tips for taking great photos so that everyone will be proud to share them and make them smile every time they see them.

Tips And Tricks For A Perfect Family Photo Shoot.

01. Each Member is Unique.

Each member of the family is unique, that is what makes a family special. Remember to be natural and true to yourself. Knowing what to expect during your session will help show your most natural side. This will also convey confidence to your companions.

02. Get your family excited about the session!

We’ve seen it all, but in general, mom is the mastermind who has organized the family photo session. Infect others with your enthusiasm. Give them an idea of ​​what to expect ahead of time, how much fun it’s going to be. For the children: try to engage them by suggesting different poses that they would like to try. Your positive attitude will be contagious!

03. Choose the time of your session thinking about the little ones.

Think about your children’s meals, naps and moods. Mornings after an early breakfast can be great for younger children – they are well-rested, and full of energy to start the day! The locations will also be less crowded and the morning light is wonderfully flattering!

04. Plan the details of your session in advance.

Think about the outfits, hairstyles and everything else you want to include as part of your shoot. We encourage you to prepare as much as possible before your session so that you feel relaxed.

Do not hesitate to ask your photographer about the places where you can get what you are looking for (make-up artist, balloons, private transport…)

05. The props are ideal to make the session more fun.

Props or accessories are great as long as they reflect the essence of your family or their individual personalities. The idea is that they have fun but also feel comfortable in the session. Props like balloons, cotton candy, etc. can help you forget the nerves of being in front of the camera.

06. Contact your photographer.

Feel free to talk to your photographer about ideas and locations that would be a good fit for your family. You can take inspiration from Pinterest to see styles and poses that you want to try. If there’s a specific photo you have in mind, share it with your photographer ahead of time.

07. Schedule some time for mom.

As we have already mentioned before, we know that moms are usually the organisers of the family photo session. They book the photographer, choose outfits, and make sure everyone is ready. We encourage moms to indulge a bit, perhaps by getting their nails done, hair and makeup done. When mom feels beautiful and safe, she will rub it off on the rest of the family.

08. Arrive on time for your session.

Allow plenty of time for everyone to be completely ready before it’s time to go meet your photographer. If you arrive at the session feeling rushed and/or disorganised, it is stressful and can set a negative tone for the session.

09. Don’t go carrying too many things.

We know that you are traveling and that possibly after the session you have activities planned. If it is not essential, try to arrive at your session without things: keys, mobile phone, backpacks…

10. Interact naturally with your family.

Make this session the perfect excuse to hug, kiss and laugh together. The best photos are achieved with real moments. Don’t feel forced to look at the camera. Give Dad a kiss on the cheek. Hug your children. Lift your little one up in the air. Laugh, snuggle, play… and bring out those emotions to connect with your family in a genuine way in the photo session. Don’t worry, your photographer will be there to help and guide you.

11. Let children be children.

Make the session a fun experience for them. They like to dance? –Let’s encourage them to dance with mom and dad in front of their favorite monument. This will make a memorable moment and great photos will be achieved.

12. Wait for the unexpected.

We love to prepare photo sessions, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. It may be that the chosen place is full of tourists or has been closed unexpectedly. The children may not be in the mood to do what is asked of them for the shoot. That’s where your photographer’s expertise comes in.

13. Trust your photographer.

For our photographers, it’s about capturing genuine emotions and authentic connections that your family reflects. Any doubts? don’t worry we are a WhatsApp text away!

14. Have fun.

Your photo session is one more experience of your special trip. Put aside the stress, you are prepared, your family is excited and you are in the hands of the best travel photographers – Captourist!


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