3 May

4 Simple Tips to Take Better Travel Photos


Are you a travel aficionado who is always carrying your camera along to snap pictures of your travel moments? Do you  get disheartened when you just can’t get those amazing holiday photos you now see on the internet?

Let us tell you a secret. Those charming photos that we see and yearn to emulate aren’t just quick snap shots. 

They are well planned out photo shoots, taking into account location, lighting, and time of day and are always edited in same way.

Taking good photos takes time and practice. However, there are some quick tips that can be used to make your photos better right away.

Let’s get started…

4 Simple Tips to Take Better Travel Photos

Have a vision before you go.

Take your bullet journal and do some  research on where to take photos before travelling. Head to Pinterest and look up for Instagrammable Spots or Best Photo Spots. Write down a few locations with cool backgrounds or the best views. Be sure to look those locations up on a map so you can plan them into your itinerary.

Don’t be shy about taking photos.

No more walking away from the trip feeling disappointed that you didn’t capture the memories you wanted. Change your mindset and stop caring what other people think. You’ll be surprised how this positive attitude can make a big  difference in your travel photography results.

Don't be shy to take your travel photos

Captured by Hernan in Madrid

It’s all about the light!

You’ve probably read this tip before: the best time for photos is right after sunrise and just before sunset. 

We truly recommend you to try to shoot your photos during sunrise or sunset. But, if you’re not an early-bird and you’d rather spend your trip sunsets chilling in a café than thinking on how to pose, and still want those charming photos, do your best to find some shade.

Reset your Expectations and improve your photos.

What are your real expectations for your travel photos? What do you want to feel when you look back at them?

Sometimes we tend to  stress out because we set very high expectations. Asking yourself these questions can help you to relax and lower your very high expectations. 

Sometimes we travel for celebrating special ocassions. Then, it’s likely that the purpose of the photo is for it to be hung on a wall or to decorate a blog post. For it you could hire a photographer. But more often that not, day to day photography is for our memories only. 

Reset your expectations to take better travel photos.

Reset your expectations to take better travel photos.

We hope that these tips will help you to not only take better photos, but also enjoy your photos a bit more. We encourage you to take more photos with a bit of a more positive outlook





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