18 Apr

Five Reasons You Should Get a Vacation Photographer


Have you ever considered to get a vacation photographer for your dream travel?

You’ve saved up for so long, and worked extra hours to go on your dream vacations. But once there, it’s proven almost impossible to get fabulous vacation pictures. Solo travellers, couples and families have struggled with this one time or another. And in order to get a decent nice snap you find yourself in the uncomfortable situation where you resort to the selfie stick trying to get an acceptable shot with everyone actually in it or  find yourself asking someone friendly to have your shot taken with the hopes  they don’t run off with your camera or they can put together a decent shot.

Let’s admit it, it is hard to capture those beautiful vacation moments by yourself. And once home you regret you didn’t try harder to bring fantastic instagrammable photos. That’s why we share with you five reasons you should look into the growing trend of getting a vacation photographer for your next holiday.

Five Reasons You Should Get a Vacation Photographer

1.- Be in as many photos as you want

Most people travelling are using their phones to take pictures, and if you’ve read until this point, it’s likely that you’re the one who takes the pictures and when you look back at your travel photos you notice you are barely in any of them –and you end up hating the few ones you are actually in–. With a professional photographer, you don’t have to worry about anyone being left out of the photos.

2.- Get beautifully taken photos.

Experience and expertise comes in very handy when you totally want charmingly taken photos to share on your instagram account or even better, print them and keep them in a nice album you would be proud to share with your friends and loved ones. In addition, the photographers know the best angles and lighting, and they can give your great tips on how to pose, where to stand and more.

3.- Guidance

Many of us have no idea how to make a photo look natural and candid. But with the guidance of your vacation photographer, you’ll be amazed at the outcome of unique shots you would never have got on your own.

4.- Meet someone local and discover the city in a unique experience

There is no better way to discover some place new than by the hand of a local. They know some of the best places in town to get the perfect shot of you. Moreover, you have the opportunity to get insider knowledge to the area and discover some location otherwise you never knew existed.

Photo by Captourer Man in Hong Kong

5.- Lasting memories of your dream vacation

You get to take amazing photos in the best spots in town by a professional, and lifetime memories as well. The precious moments you would share, the things you would laugh about and much more. Relive your dream vacations with your loved ones anytime!

So, if you’re planning your next trip and working on your travel checklist, forget the selfie stick. Think of putting your phone away and book a friendly photographer with Captourist so you won’t miss the opportunity to get beautiful and candid photos of your special vacations. 


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