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Paris Proposal –How to propose in Paris.



So you have found your other half – the person whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. The next step you want to do now is to pop the Big question.

Paris is a fantastic place where you can propose to the most special person in your life. Since we live in this wonderful city, we’ve seen all kinds of proposals and each one them has makes us smile and feel a bit jealous! 

There is no doubt that the City of Lights and Love is the most romantic place to propose.

Let’s find out how to have a perfect Paris proposal with us, your Paris photographers.



Your proposal in Paris is around the corner, you are ready to pop the question to the person of your dream. There are no rules except to make your marriage proposal meaningful to your partner. This is important since the engagement is about you and your sweetheart. It is natural to feel nervous while preparing for the turning point to the next chapter in you life.

The good news is that we have put together an easy-to-follow guideline to arrange a successful Paris proposal covering all essential tips below.


  • Set a date and time when your partner will definitely be available. Do not delay locking in flights, hotels, restaurants and core vendors (talented folks and popular places book out quickly)
  • Identify (and reserve when it is a private setting) an epic location to propose in Paris.
  • Find the best engagement ring for you proposal. The ring that you will give to your special someone when you propose is an essential part of the engagement because it symbolizes your love, commitment, and promise of a lifetime.
  • Book you Paris proposal photographer and videographer. Proposing to the person whom you love the most is a precious moment that you will never forget for the rest of your life.  Even as both of you get old, you would want to  relive the memories. There’s no better way of doing so than looking at the actual photos and specially your very own short film. That is why we highly recommend to book not only a photoshoot but also a videographer who will capture that special day.
  • Prepare you marriage proposal speech. The proposal speech is probably the most nerve-wracking thing that need to be prepared. And, of course, you want this piece to be flawless and sweet so you can get the Y-E-S that you are aiming for. Trust me, we all love to be flattered, so enumerate the things you love the most about your special half. And know your speech by heart for the Big Day!!
  • Personalize the proposal setting to demonstrate effort. This could range from a simple Champagne table and a bouquet of roses to over-the-top floral arrangements with romantic candles, musicians…
  • Book a romantic Parisian restaurant to celebrate your first evening as fiancés.
  • Commission a couple photoshoot for the next day or your next special trip destination. This way you’ll get engagement photos for your save the date invitations!





You’re looking for romantic ways to propose love in Paris. Check out some of the best 08 proposal ideas:


It is tough to have the Eiffel Tower to yourself, so when you propose, prepare yourself for the extra attention from the tourists.

Just pick a beautiful spot and get down on one knee, while your photographer is taking pictures of that incredible moment. The crowd will surely be cheering on you as you get the “Yes!”.

This is one of the best proposal ideas you can think about.


Take your sweetheart for a Paris stroll. Make sure though to keep the ring in a safe place.

And then, utter the question, “Will you marry me?” when your loved one least expects it. This surprise proposal looks like a very simple proposal idea, but it will make your proposal unforgettable.


If your special someone is more of a private person, then you have to look for a less public place. In fact, you can do it while having breakfast. Choose a nice spot at a beautiful boulangerie. While you guys are enjoying a delicious Parisian café deliver your tear-jerking speech and pop the question.


With Mickey Mouse and friends at Paris Disneyland, you can certainly fill the moment with love and magic.
Find a spot in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. And right before parade starts face your partner, look into her eyes, and ask her (or him)  to marry you.
Is that the sweetest proposal in the world?


One of the best proposal ideas you can think about is a party proposal.

You can pull off a “surprise party” for your fiancée’s birthday or perhaps your guys’ anniversary. Invite your closest friends and family members, but keep them hiding until that moment when you get down on one knee.

Just as you get the YES, those special people in your life will show up cheering. Imagine how amazing the feeling would be. Your significant other will undoubtedly love the surprise.


Proposing during  a photoshoot is an excellent idea. For one, both of you are in that lovey-dovey mood. And having a photographer is a plus because you can easily document every minute of your marriage proposal. This idea is one of the perfect proposals ideas when you want to make her surprise.

Have one of your partner’s friends ‘suggest’ the couple photoshoot thing so it won’t raise any flag. Pick an exquisite location.

And in the middle of the session, just pop the question!



Is your sweetheart camera-shy? No problem. You can still have some creative photos taken when you propose in Paris.

Have the professional photographer hide somewhere like a paparazzi as you prepare the person of your dreams to marry you.

Be it on a coffee date, casual walk in the park, or sightseeing, your proposal will be more exciting with a paparazzi capturing every minute of it! This way of propose is one of the best proposal ideas to save all your authentic moments.


If you want unique proposal ideas, this part is for you. Paris is the city of Artists, where you can find a lot of talented musicians for your perfect proposal.

If you like the classic, Fernanda Machado the violist is definitely an artist you can hire in Paris. Her talents have been shown not only in many romantic proposals in Paris but also in many concerts. You can choose your favorite love songs for your Paris proposal.



✔ Keep it a SECRET ! Try not to tell your sweetheart’s friends or relatives unless you’re absolutely certain they’re  able to keep such big secrets.

✔ TAKE YOUR TIME, the more relaxed you are the less your loved one will suspect.

✔ Tell your proposal speech BEFORE going on your knee

✔ TAKE 1 STEP BACK, allow for breathing space between the two of you.

✔ Get the ring box out and go on your knee. Allow your other half to take a mental picture of you in that moment.



✔ After you get the YES, place the ring on your sweetheart’s finger,  and have your first kiss as an engaged couple. A whimsical twirl is going to be a real addition for the photos.

✔ Hire a Paris photographer or a Paris videographer.


Some moments in life are meant to be private. Others…


It is fairly probable your loved one secretly wants you to have a photographer capturing the moment when you pop the big question in Paris.

Let’s be honest, you are not traveling to Paris every day to get engaged.

If you are looking for a professional photographer to help you capture one of the most important moments of your life, you are in the right place. If you want information about packages and prices, you can click here.

Wish you good luck.

– Pablo & Fernanda




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