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9 Travel Essentials for Your Next Trip


9 Travel Essentials for Your Next Trip.

Whether your travel to the city or an exotic island, it’s always a good idea pack few essentials for your next trip. Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but when you leave home, you’ll miss some of your stuff that make your life easier. Besides travel, packing may become a little bit confusing and stressful. It’s always helpful having a travel packing list, it’ll serve to tell you, what to pack for stress-free packaging and don’t forget absolutely nothing. Within this list you have to include some essentials, these will make your travel really comfortable. Down here we give you our top 9 travel essentials for your next trip to make it much easier.

1.  Sunscreen Lotion or Spray

In some parts of the world the sun shines so brightly that it’s essential to protect your skin from it. Using waterproof sunscreen lotion or spray will help you to be ready for any experience you’ll have prepared to your trip from a walking tour to hopping afternoon dips. The best way to deal with it in your travel, is to buy a travel-sized pack, one that you can carry around everywhere with you. Remember, the first thing to do in the morning before leave the hotel will be protecting your skin.

Whether you’re traveling to a city or desert sunscreen is a packing must.

2.  A Bottle of Water

Very often when you travel is difficult to know the origin of the water you drink. Or even, have access to the vital liquid could become an enormous odyssey. Most of the time get access to safe drinking water on your trip is to carry it with you.

When you travel don’t forget bring with you a water bottle to be refilled, your options to buy one are countless, you can find them made from stainless steel, ceramic, wood to regular plastic. The decision is yours and our recommendations is to choose one fits your style.

3.  Extra Cash

When you travel, packing smart is really important. Inconveniences amplify when you are far from home, and the lack of money is one of them. It can become in one of your biggest problems when you travel. Be conscious that misfortunes arrive anytime and everywhere: a problem with your bank, with your credit/debit card, misplace your stuff or even tipping.

It’s incredible that nowadays in the digital era the most convenient way to carry money remains in cash, some places around the world accept only it. We know the bringing cash carries some risks. But the golden rule is never keep all your eggs (money) in one basket and keep it in a safe place.

It’s always good idea have a little cash for emergencies and tipping.

4.  Powerbank

Forget about technology in our daily days is almost impossible. Currently cell phones, laptops, tablets and all the electronically devices form part of our lives, and when you travel they become in a useful companion, in some of the cases help you to deal with different languages, find locations or communicate with people you love.  On your trip, most of the time you will stay walking around and finding a charge point ti will be not an easy task. Hence packing a power bank become in a travel essential item in this list.

5.  Padlock with a Combination

Padlock is an essential item to secure your important stuff, lock your luggage or lock a suitcase. It might seem like common sense but if you’ll be travelling around multiple destinations, you never know where that hotel room security box is going to turn up. Padlock with combination make your travel so much easier and comfortable, don’t worry about keys or asking reception for some place secure, expend some extra and invest in one with combination.

6.  Face wipes

There’s nothing better for a long trip than face wipes. You can use them after using any public bathroom, before and after meals, wipe down any dirty surface or refresh yourself after a long tour or walk. For those days when is impossible find a bathroom face wipes will help you to finish your day clean and safety.

7.  Travel day Bag

We referred to a smaller bag to take in addition to your carry-on. A travel day bag is a must any traveler would take, is an easy way to pack your travel essentials. Nowadays you can find them in a variety of designs and materials. Try to choose one medium size and light weight and foldable it will help you to pack personal items and Why not? Take home any extra souvenir you’re planning on picking up.

8.  Snacks

There are very important reasons to contemplate packing some snacks. One of them is getting stuck on a plane, this scenario occurs most of the times when you travel. Another reason could be the hard way to get some food when you have already planned tours and tourism activities. While you hopping tours some delicious snacks safe you from get hungry and could enjoy your complete adventure. We recommend taking some health snacks such as peanuts, raw food trail mix and oven-dried fruit chips. Make your travel tasty!

9.  Earplugs

Earplugs are fundamental when you travel for blocking snorers, noisy plane mattes or even taking a snap in any waiting room. Besides traveling is something grateful and fun, it’s also tiring. Resting well and getting a good night’s sleep includes a pair of earplugs. They can help you to being prepared and ready to explore your destination.


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