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Tips & Tricks For Your Next Travel Shoot
31 Mar

A Brilliant Photoshoot Should Be Prepared For.


We believe that captured travel memories make each moment even more valuable as time passes. Although the best photos are the spontaneous ones, a brilliant photoshoot should be prepared for. Because we want you to love your photos for a lifetime, we want to share with you our  favorite tips and tricks for your next travel photoshoot.


Tips & tricks for your next travel photoshoot.

Be you!

When you are true to yourself, and know what to expect during your photo session, it will result in a memorable photoshoot with gorgeous, timeless images you will treasure for a lifetime.



Tips & tricks for your next travel shoot

Props are the best for your photoshoot.

Props are anything at all use to add meaning to your photo or just to have some fun!  Although you can bring your own, don’t be shy in asking your photographer for some ideas. For example, you can ask them to take you to a nice place to buy a really good ice cream, a beautiful flower bouquet or a hot chocolate. They will be enchanted to help you!

Enjoy the moment.

Laugh, joke, embrace, kiss, snuggle, play, run, jump and have fun.  Think back to when you were a child. It was the small things that got you excited and happy.  Remember that the purpose of Captourist is that you love your photos, so doing these things will allow your photographer to get the emotion and true beauty of you.   Show your professional photographer who you really are, and let them capture your love through their lens.

Rest well the night before.

First of all, it will be important to rest well the night before in order to regain energies and freshness to the body. Try to arrive 15 minutes early the day of the photoshoot so you can make the last adjustments of your outfit, drink some water, have a healthy snack and break the ice with your photographer.

Show your smile.

The best pictures are often the ones that show natural behaviour. Saying this, not every picture needs to have everyone looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. So, if you are having a good time, your eyes will be on what matters: family, friends, couple, or whom you be with on the photo tour, showing a natural and lovely ambience.

Dancing in the rain.

While we wish for endless blue skies and captivating clouds, we also recognize the beauty that rain brings into portraits. Snow and rain, gives you the opportunity to wear unique clothing and special props like a nice umbrella and have lots of fun dancing in the rain!

We don’t mind a little rain if you don’t, because you will have pictures that would otherwise be impossible to capture without the magic of the rain.

Capture memorable moments.

Images give you the opportunity to share your travel or experiences with your family, friends and people you really care. With Captourist you will experience the city by the hand of a professional photographer capturing the best moments of your holiday.


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