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6 ideas to plan your couple getaway
7 Jul

Magical getaway


6 ideas to plan your couple getaway

A couple adventure should be filled with experiences that create wonderful and magical memories, and when we think about that, the word travel come to mind immediately. A candlelit dinner, a romantic ramble on the beach, staring a sunset, cozying up in a historical city, etc. Likewise travelling is the best way to discover yourself, it is also the way to get to know your couple and live a magical love experience. Want your getaway to be really exciting? Here we share with you some ideas to plan your couple getaway.

Travelling with someone you love is the perfect ingredient to give this sparkling to your relationship, that’s why we give 6 ideas to plan your couple getaway with that special person you love.

6 ideas to plan your couple getaway

Manage your travel as a second honeymoon.

Honeymoon sounds magical, while other see their vacations as a regular trip you could plan it as a second honeymoon. The purpose is rejuvenating your relationship. Remember that an important part is planning together and schedule at least one exciting adventure.

Share a common goal

While people are travelling, they unveil strengths and weaknesses for complementing each other. Remember travelling is revealing, and if you have some goals to achieve together team work comes out unconsciously.

Share a common goal

Improve communication

Recognizing the problem in advance and give them a quickly solution are some challenges all along the way and couples who travel together understand the need for forgiving each other quickly and moving on enjoying the experience in a true love story.

Experience something new

New flavors, smells and tactile experiences, offer the opportunity for learning together. Travelling gives you the opportunity to reveal a natural behavior, which mixed with the sensorial experiences give you moments that makes you live the spontaneity of romance, as children do.

 Learn to laugh

When you are spending the majority of your moments in joy with a big smile on your face, then everything else flows, likewise the adventure becomes much more fun and your partner will be grateful.

Make light of each detail

Make light of each detail

We know that travelling with someone is not easy, you will be faced with the not so pretty aspects of a relationship. There will be days when you will have several conflicts of interesst, but these are days when you learn and grow the most together. Make them valuable and light them for learning. In the future, you will laugh of them becoming part of a great memory.

Capture your memories

In every journey, we collect some memories, which with the time they vanish and they become more and more blurry. We believe in the value of the photography that’s why Captourist makes your memories last forever. We connect you with local photographers in many destinations and make your getaway unforgettable.


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