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Maurithius is a tale island, with a great culinary experience. Wildlife, sapphire waters, majestic beaches and luxury hotels make it one of the dreamy destination around the world. Mark Twain said “heaven being copied by Maurithius” , it is completely true and to complete this experience you can find so many activities like, boat trips to islets, hiking in the mountains interior, world-class diving and snorkeling and also hire a personal photographer with Captourist.

With Captourist is an easy way to hire a professional photographer in Mauritius and enjoy an amazing experience.

We make your travel memories more vivid and unique. Hire a professional photographer in Mauritius and he/she will find you the perfect spot, accompanied by the beautiful light. We capture that special moment in the most iconic and memorable places.


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Hello! I am Alenka

Photography is my passion, I love to listen to the story of the people I meet to capture the true essence of the person in front of my camera. I love natural light, reflections and playing with different techniques. The most important thing for me is to establish a relationship with my clients to put them at ease to immortalize memories in the most natural way.

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