Los Angeles


Hello L.A.!

Book a vacation photographer in Los Angeles.

Select your photographer in a unique scenario.

Pricing starts at 170 EUR for a 30 minute photo tour.


Cinematic landscapes, famous icons, deeply creative and full of stars, Los Angeles house of Hollywood is not easy categorized.
What is easy is to find places and attractions to visit. This is a big city with so many worthwhile experiences that you’ll never asking yourself what to do.
Los Angeles offers you beaches like Santa Monica; Exciting streets in te Arte district; Hollywood is another attraction you can’t miss, and don’t forget it’s beautiful buildings and museums.
With Captourist is an easy way to hire a professional photographer in Los Angeles and enjoy an amazing experience.

We make your travel memories more vivid and unique. Hire a professional photographer in Los Angeles and he/she will find you the perfect spot, accompanied by the beautiful light. We capture that special moment in the most iconic and memorable places.