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Verona is a charming little town in the Northeastern part of Italy that holds sway over those who fantasize of the ideal romantic destination.

Beyond its inevitable connection with Shakespeare’s Rome and Juliet, Verona is a must while traveling through this incredible country. There is plenty to see and do in this lovely medieval town, from exploring the museums and churches, strolling his alleys and parks, to visit the Arena di Verona, Juliet and her house, Torre dei Lamberti, Castelvecchio and its bridge, Piazza delle Erbe, Giardino Giusti and more.

Captourist makes your travel memories more vivid and unique. Book one of our vacation photographers in Verona and they will find the perfect place, accompanied by beautiful light, to capture the most memorable moments of your trip. They will show you hidden gems and amazing spots in the city where they live.

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Gian Luigi  is an Italian photographer, currently living near Verona on the shores of Lake Garda. He’s a happy man in love with life.
By nature curious, he’s a visionary free-thinking dreamer with a natural tendency to sociability who loves travelling and getting to know other people. He’s also almost vegetarian and devoted to Buddha.
Since his youth, Gian Luigi demonstrated a strong passion towards photography, which has turned into a profession over the years.
What Gian Luigi wants to do is to tell stories using images and capture emotions in order to make them last forever in simple, immediate pictures.

Gian Luigi’s style


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