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9 Jun

The best locations for your photoshoot in Barcelona.


Welcome to Barcelona!

In Captourist feel free to choose the best locations for your photoshoot in Barcelona. The number of places you visit depends on your selected route and the time of the phototour you choose. We will show you the best locations for your photoshoot whatsoever.

Keep in mind that the time of your package and the route you select will determine the variety of your gallery.

The best option to take a better look at some of the most beautiful landmarks places in Barcelona is walking paths. This way you will discover local stores or even magical spots, and letting you to understand the culture and local people by the hand of our captourers.

Check our favorites places and routes.

Barcelona the second largest city in Spain. It is enclosed of beautiful buildings and parks, and offers and unimaginable variety of gastronomic options. Located in the Mediterranean Sea is a fantastic place to enjoy the sun and have a lot of fun.

Barcelona provides an enormous amount of activities from starting drinking a cup of coffee on a panoramic terrace or dig your feet in the sand at a beachside restaurant. Until afternoon life when the music transform Las Ramblas and rythms such as flamenco, jazz, blues and alternative rock swamp the city. Down here find the best locations for your photoshoot in Barcelona.


Sants Montjuïc

An overlooking hill spectacular gardens, majestic architecture and treasure city views describe Montjuic. At the top of the hill you will find a Castle an incredible military fortress from 1640.

Another amazing building is the Palau Nacional the national art museum of Catalonia a perfect backdrop for your session. Visiting the Olympic stadium Lluis Companys is also another attraction you won’t miss from you walking photo tour.

  • Sants Montjuic
  • Castle
  • Palau Nacional
  • Olympic stadium


Sagrada familia

You will discover the most iconic Antonio Gaudi’s work (La Sagrada Familia) patrimony of humanity by UNESCO. Roman Catholic basilica and also one of the best examples of Catalan modern art. It’s architecture is very audacious with beautiful poetic and organic forms. Its construction begun in 1882 and it will be completed in 2026, a century after the architect’s death. Nearby the church you will find a lot of cafes and restaurants.

Walking by the Gaudí Avenue, a perfect place to try some of the most popular food in the city.  You can take a stroll in the Passeig de Sant Joan gorgeous avenue to only few minutes from The Sagrada Familia.

  • Sagrada Familia church
  • Strolling surroundings the Cathedral
  • Gaudí avenue
  • Passeig de Sant


El Born

Home of the greatest bars, restaurants and boutiques. In ancient times was home to the aristocracy and the core of trade because to its proximity with the sea. El Born is an magical for your photoshoot in Barcelona.

Santa Caterina market, is one probably the most famous where you can taste fresh food. You can have a picnic in the Ciutadella park the main park in Barcelona filled with open spaces, lakes, and many outdoor activities. To make a grand entrance, enter on Passeig Pujades at the main gate.

  • Santa Caterina market
  • Ciutadella park
  • Passeig Pujades gate
  • Strolling surroundings the Park



Barceloneta is all about fresh sea food, sunbathing on the beach, sailing, surfing and having fun. Although it becomes a touristic hot spot, it is perfect to spend a day away from the city metro, bus stations and big buildings. Located directly along the beach, in which during summer, out door restaurants take out their service to the terrace, stretching for miles along the boardwalk.

  • The beach Barceloneta
  • Museum of Catalan history
  • Port Vell
  • The Marenostrum tower


The Gothic Quarter

The Gothic quarter has many peaceful spaces and squares. It is a labyrinth created by narrow streets, where you can have lost and relax and enjoy.

Next to the Las Ramblas is a neighbor full of allure and history, is the heart of the old part of the city. In the neighborhood, you will find the Royal square (Placa Reial) where many good restaurants are located. Shopping is also an attraction in the more commercial area of Calle Portal de L’Angel.

  • Royal square
  • Calle Portal de L’Angel srteet
  • Cathedral of Barcelona
  • Historic museum of Barcelona
  • Plaça San Felip Neri square
  • Plaça de la Generalitat square


Parc Guëll

A famous Catalonia garden complex featuring architectural elements by the architect Antonio Gaudí; maximum exponent of modernism, with his unique style he designed an elegant and colorful park. This park is also one of the most famous places in Barcelona. It is situated in the middle of a natural environment, with its mosaic animals, mosaic bolts and serpentine benches make this a beauteous spot in the city.

In addition the park is located on the slopes of Carmel hill and its see sights are incredible. You can see the hole city and beyond it, the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Parc Güell
  • El viaducto dels enamorats
  • Passeig de las palmeras
  • Two pavilions
  • Strolling surroundings the Park+
  • Hypostyle room


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